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Asking Questions

On average I get about 15-20 questions a week. Allthough I highly appreciate reactions I cannot give a good answer to all these questions .. Why not ?

  • Many are too vague : “Can you tell me how to build an ROV please”, “Please sens me diagram of your ROV”, “Please help me” … Winking smile
  • Many of them, when I ask for more information on what they are looking for .. simply don’t reply anymore .. Green with envy
  • I have no ready-to-built plans, maps, diagrams … most of the information is on the blog. I can supply some specific info on request if I have it.

If you have a question please consider :

  • Be as precise as possible in what you want to know, what you expect
  • Be ready to provide me with enough information so I can answer correctly

Some people ask me about prices :

  • In principle I do not sell anything, this is not a commercial site
  • I can however deliver some parts in small quantities to help you out … these include Ready build thrusters with magnetic coupling (High quality, Professionally and hand made to order), some electronics (mainboard, controller board …), Software .. let me know exactly what you need !

Thanks for your understanding !


As of today, the blog has moved to The old site will be deleted shortly. Please update your favorites with the new link !

– Tony –

I just completed the new camera tilt assembly. It is based on a small stepper motor, a high resolution camera and a switch for detecting uppper max position. Only 1 switch, thanks to my friend Michal smile_regular

I do not sell anything. I can try and help you find parts but I actually do not sell anything myself.

When contacting me, please allow for some time .. I do not read these posts and mails on a daily basis.


Here are some pictures of the new ROV hull assembled :


DSC_4072 DSC_4073 DSC_4074 DSC_4075 DSC_4076


Tonight I painted all the metal parts and the ROV frame. They first were cleaned and then received a primer coating (black matte) followed by a "hammered" metal look :

ROV Paintjob 001

The paint will not only make the ROV look good  🙂 but also protect the aluminum against corrosion.

ROV Paintjob 002

ROV Paintjob 004

ROV Paintjob 006


In the ROV we find the HOST controller, the motor controller and the power supply unit.

The motor controller and HOST controller are mounted on a board :


Left : Motor Control, Right HOST module in test

The hull is composed of a frame, two tubes that take care of flotation and are used to house the electronics, thrusters, lights, laser …

The different phases of constructing the basic hull structure are shown here


Drilling holes ….


Some parts …


View from the front …


and from the back ..


With thruster and light …


Luc and Roland admiring their work !

After having been absent (at leat on this blog) for a while here’s some new posts ! It is not that I haven’t been busy with ROVs … I made a complete new design and this took some time !

The ideas behind the concept were :

  • Use existing materials wherever possible
  • Use standard components
  • Highly modular and extensible
  • Affordable

After the first experiments with MCU’s (Conrad) I decided to go for more standard and more powerfull devices. The final choice I have made here is the ATMEL’s ATMEGA16 processor. It has enough ports of the right type, it is widely used, it is inexpensive and it exists in DIL format. I do not like SMD chips too much for this type of application because they are very sensitive and difficult to handle in repair situations (eg in the field)


There are two modules, HOST and REMOTE. The HOST module resides in the ROV and does all the steering, measuring etc … The REMOTE unit sits above water and is used to control the ROV.

The HOST module contains :

  • Compass
  • Depth Sensor
  • Dual H-Bridge circuits for thrusters and lights
  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Video Overlay
  • RS485 Interface
  • PSU (Power Supply Unit)
  • Camera with TILT function

The REMOTE module contains :

  • PSX (Playstation) Joystick
  • RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • PSU
  • RS485 Interface

The idea is that the REMOTE unit sends joystick data to the ROV over RS485? The HOST module interprets and excecutes the commands, gets sensor info and video, overlays all data on the video and sends that video back to the REMOTE unit for viewing. No data is sent back to the REMOTE unit.


For now the hull is build (85%), the elctronics are build and software is written (75%). Have a look at the different parts in this blog.

Obtaining ROV Parts

One of the most difficult tasks is to obtain all the different parts. I am afraid I cannot help you with the mechanics parts (except with advice). I am planning however, to make the electronic parts available in some way (empty PCBs, build and testedc PCB, software …) but that will be in a later stage.

Feedback, Questions …

All feedback is welcome as wel as technical questions. I could not have realized this project without getting a lot of help from the community so I am willing to do something in return !

Do not hesitate to contact me

Pictures tell so much ….. enjoy !

Basic components are acryl, aluminum, blood ans sweat ! 🙂

Starting with some raw acryl

Some raw acrylic material

A block of raw aliminum

Raw aluminum


Support for the tubes


From the rough block ….


… to a finished fromt cap !


.. and aluminum back caps !