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Asking Questions

On average I get about 15-20 questions a week. Allthough I highly appreciate reactions I cannot give a good answer to all these questions .. Why not ?

  • Many are too vague : “Can you tell me how to build an ROV please”, “Please sens me diagram of your ROV”, “Please help me” … Winking smile
  • Many of them, when I ask for more information on what they are looking for .. simply don’t reply anymore .. Green with envy
  • I have no ready-to-built plans, maps, diagrams … most of the information is on the blog. I can supply some specific info on request if I have it.

If you have a question please consider :

  • Be as precise as possible in what you want to know, what you expect
  • Be ready to provide me with enough information so I can answer correctly

Some people ask me about prices :

  • In principle I do not sell anything, this is not a commercial site
  • I can however deliver some parts in small quantities to help you out … these include Ready build thrusters with magnetic coupling (High quality, Professionally and hand made to order), some electronics (mainboard, controller board …), Software .. let me know exactly what you need !

Thanks for your understanding !


As of today, the blog has moved to The old site will be deleted shortly. Please update your favorites with the new link !

– Tony –